Membership commitment is 3 month minimum, after that you can cancel at anytime.

We have different detox memberships available as well as buying a one time detox. Please have a look below for the best option for you.


Get unlimited detoxes and get notified when a new one is released for just
$14.99 per month

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One Coaching

Get unlimited detoxes plus one monthly 40 minute coaching call for just
$94.99 per month

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Two Coaching Calls

Get unlimited detoxes plus two monthly 40 minute coaching calls for just
$144.99 per month

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Four Coaching Calls

Get unlimited detoxes plus four monthly 40 minute coaching calls for just
$214.99 per month

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Kickstart your body with one of our detoxes, after doing one of our detoxes you can experience most if not all of the following:

Stronger Immune System | Less Allergies | Stronger Libido | More Energy | Decreased Inflammation | Improved Mood | Boost in self confidence | Lessen headaches & body aches | Clearer Skin | Improved focus | Reduced Brain Fog

Single Detox Only $49.99

Health Coaching Session

Health Coaching is having someone as guide who empowers you and gives ongoing support and guidance as you set goals.

If you can say yes to any of these, having a health coach is what you need:

- I have tried to get healthy and I just can't stay with it
- Reading ingredients is overwhelming and confusing
- I know how to eat healthy I just need support in doing it
- I have lost significant amounts of weight, but always put it back on
- I want to get healthy but need someone to help keep me accountable
- I just want to feel like "me" again. Happy, energetic, peaceful and not so tired

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