We will find Freedom together, One Swap At a Time!

Whether you are looking to get your kitchen a bit healthier, help lessen the symptoms of disease or illness, lose weight or help your child with behavior or concentration issues, this is the program for YOU!

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The 12 Week In-Person/Zoom Journey includes:

  • 10 one-on-one 40 minute in person or zoom personal consultations to dive deep into your personal story and how we can most effectively help you make the changes you want. ($1,000 value)
  • 10 Day Detox designed for cellular repair, longevity, weight loss and immune support ($40 value)
  • 12 weekly lessons that will teach you how to get the 4 Pillars of Health in balance with resources and tasks for each week ($1200 value)
  • 4 shared appointments for support and Q&A (join live or watch the appointment recordings) ($350 Value)​

When you have completed this program you will have all the tools to make healthier decisions for your family. You will have seen food as medicine and learn how to incorporate healthier habits into your home.

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Here’s what is included in this 12 week journey to Freedom:

  • PERSONALIZED PLAN: In our 10 personal one to one sessions we will develop a personalized plan to swap out the unhealthy habits and bring in healthy ones.
  • LAB TESTING: We will test all your micronutrients and come up with a plan with a doctor recommendation on how to supplement any deficiencies.
  • 10 DAYS OF HEALTHY EATING: You will join the group 10 Days of Healthy Eating Detox and detox from all the toxins and addictions your body is fighting. Kids and adults can participate.
  • COACHING: 4 shared appointments with Maria to review weekly e-course content and ask questions live
  • EDUCATION: 12 weekly modules with downloadable educational handouts that include key concepts, research and implementation guides. Watch interviews from 4 experts in their field on lifestyle tips to make getting healthier a reality for you and your family.
  • APP: You will have your personalized app to track your daily activities and food.


  • EXTRA #1: A private Facebook community for Swap It Healthy members. There's nothing like being supported by like minded people
  • EXTRA #2: Free entrance in the 10 Days of Healthy Eating Detox
  • EXTRA #3: Recipes, meal planning and grocery shopping guide to make the implementation easier!
  • EXTRA #4: Your own bottle of essential oil and custom made oil diffusing bracelet made by Gold Arrow Studios.
  • EXTRA $5: Custom discount codes to use with my partners for discounts and cool stuff!
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This program was created for people who are looking to:

  • Make positive changes based a scientific and data-driven approach to feeling more energized, less inflamed.
  • We do not count calories, we teach you how to eat whole, real food which is what our body was designed to eat.
  • Feel more confident in making food choices and cooking
  • You will be more in-tune with what your body needs and how to supply those needs
  • See food as medicine and really understand that.
  • Create sustainable lifestyle changes that support your goals.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn from expert Jerrica Sweetnich, ND on the science of nutrition and how the gut/brain connection works to lower inflammation, lose weight, feel good, improve concentration and improve your energy.
  • Learn about 5G and how it can potentially effect your health from expert Oram Miller
  • Learn how chiropractic care can assist you to healthier living and stronger cognitive function from my interview with expert Dr. Amanda Zimmerman.
  • Learn from expert Sandra Dahar on how implementing oils into your life can create a healthier home and lifestyle while also helping you reach your goals.
  • Receive a blood test that helps uncover your nutrient deficiencies, levels of amino acids, strength of immune function and how well you process carbohydrates.
  • Learn that it is not about giving up the foods you love, but swapping them out for healthy options and learning an easy new lifestyle with nutrition, sleep, stress management and supplementation
  • Kickstart your nutrition plan with the very popular and loved 10 Days of Healthy Eating Detox
  • Feel supported by a community of like minded individuals who are all finding health together.
3 Payments
Pay In Full


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