Helping ADD/ADHD sufferers improve focus, behavior and become the best version of themselves



What can freedom from

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

look like for you?


  • Enjoy homework time and not dread it

  • Have less tantrums and more great moments 

  • Feel less judged

  • Improve sleep and over health for the whole family

  • Reduce stress and lessen the stressful moments

  • Receive guidance from an expert health coach to help overcome the havoc ADD wreaks on your family

  • Have the ability to work hard at a reasonable pace and push through challenges










You’re ready to set your family free from ADHD if:

  • You are prepared to make changes to your child’s diet and lifestyle

  • You can handle the hard moments and push through them

  • You won’t allow excuses to derail you from your success

Wading through books, dietary options, and lifestyle changes on your own is overwhelming.  Maybe it’s time to consider a different approach!  With 7 different types of ADD it can be very confusing on what method is best for you. What’s more, the wrong approach can have negative effects.

I want to introduce you to the scientifically-proven methods that can help your child find Freedom from ADD by improving  nutrition, getting better sleep, managing stress and optimizing your body’s function with supplements when necessary.


Think you’re ready to start?  Have questions?  Let’s chat! Set up an appointment for a

FREE 15 minute consultation.  I’ll answer your questions and address your concerns.

“Freedom From ADD will not only help you understand your type of ADD, it will help you understand YOU. There’s freedom in that. Maria gives you practical solutions to turn ADD into an advantage, not a hindrance. This is a complete program that includes the most neglected part of most programs which is nutrition and supplements. There are natural and safer alternatives to stimulants. You’ll find them here. Lastly, Maria has both professional and personal experience with ADD. She gets it.” 

                                              - Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, DN, Amen Clinics.


- Learn to use food as medicine 

- Improve sleep

- Learn stress management techniques

- Balancing vitamins and minerals to        have optimal brain health

- Improve concentration and focus

- Improve behavior & focus

- Learn the 7 Types of ADD & best treatment for all

- Dive Deep into the 4 Pillars of Health      each week

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Stress Management

  • Supplementation

- 12 Online Weekly Modules 

- 12 Video/Phone Weekly Meetings

- Ebooks, PDF's and Fill ins each week to help implement tasks

- Tools to relieve the stresses of ADD/ADHD for the whole family

- Learn Healthy Swaps for your most favorite "unhealthy foods"

- Interviews with world renowned experts and doctors

- 5 Healthy Lunch Recipes 

- 5 Healthy Fast Dinners 

- 5 Healthy Desserts 

- Unlimited support from likeminded people


- Monthly 50 minute meeting via video or phone 

- Unlimited access to texting for support and help

- Join private support group with likeminded people 


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