10 day detox challenge

Registration is open!!

Are you ready to start the  10 day WHOLE REAL food detox! If you have not already signed up get into this group today! You can click HERE to sign up

Some Side Effects May Include:

  1. Complete detox from sugar

  2. Total body reset

  3. Decrease Inflammation

  4. Improved Moods

  5. Rise in self confidence

  6. Lessen headaches & body aches

  7. Clearer Skin

  8. Gain more energy

  9. Improve focus

  10. Reduce Brain Fog

  11. No more afternoon fatigue

  12. Learn tons of wonderful recipes

  13. Read and understand ingredients 

  14. Some may experience weight loss

  15. All will learn a ton and have fun!


But don't take it from me, read what previous clients have to say HERE


This is not a juice detox or a starvation diet. You will never be hungry! I give you a large amount of meals to pick from and you make up your own meal plans (with my help of course) so that you eat what you like! 


This detox will rid your body sugar, inflammation, leaky gut, brain fog, headaches and so much more! It will improve cognitive function, energy levels, focus and overall feeling great! One side effect may be losing weight! 




What else do you get?

  • One 15 minute consult with me to talk about goals for the detox

  • Workouts that are optional

  • Approved grocery shopping list

  • Meal planning worksheet

  • Over 100 approved recipes to pick from

  • 4 face-to-face 30 minute chat sessions via Zoom 

  • Videos teaching you how to meal and food prep

  • Direct contact to me 24/7 via the Swap It Healthy app




If you just need a jump start and you are ready to make some positive changes in your life this is for you! This is unlike any other detox you have ever done. It's never about counting calories or restriction. Its all about making healthier choices and loading up on the good stuff! We also will be going over life hacks to improve sleep, stress management AND get your body in balance! 


Can't wait to do this 10 day journey with you!


On the Journey,


Maria Hickman

*Please consult your doctor before doing this detox to make sure you do not have any special accommodation that need to be made.

Future Detox Dates:

June 22, 2020 (Registration begins June 8, 2020)


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